Digital Fusuma Karakuri

Digital Fusuma Karakuri

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Shader Art

An objet made out of hundreds of waste speakers. See the link below for details.

Jan 2017 Karaoke Torii w/ Die Audio Gruppe

Karaoke Torii

In january 2017, Benoit Maubrey, Gerrit de Vries, and I produced this monsterous sculpture or objet. The objet has a bluetooth port open everyday which anybody can connect with his/her phone to play their favorite music.

Karaoke Torii - CODAworx

Software Projects

CarrotPurely Functional Lisp w/ static multimethod
LittleSmallscriptWrite JavaScript in Smalltalk's Syntax
BirdFrontend IDE for kakahiaka
kakahiakaClient side functional GUI programming
Underscore-fixUnderscore extensions for serious FP
JS-CLOSMultimethod in JavaScript
Typed ClojureOptional type system (GSoC 2013 participant)