I'm a private CompSci researcher / Artist. I follow my instincts and research about the inner workings of this universe. Say bye to everything you think you know and DIY the universe.

Hatena Blog

Kamiyama Makerspace 2016-04-01 —


A unique makerspace situated in a midst of mountains of Shikoku Japan. Although very rural, this town has a lot of artists and engineers and our mission is to introduce the maker spirit to the town and sorrounding regions

PILOT Proto Lab at PILOT Inc. 2015-01-01 —

Leading Researcher

Research about theoretical aspects of IoT/M2M, Lead a local electronics club. DIY electronic products and production facility.


  • Helped Kamiyama Makerspace come to life
  • Made a huge objet as a member of Die Audio Gruppe
  • Showed off my work at Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

2013-08-14 — 2014-12-31

Freelance Programmer

Freelance programmer doing web development, mobile app development, and open source contribution


  • Made a few contributions to core.typed -- Clojure's static type extension -- as a participant in GSoC 2014

Kenro's A taste of Japan 2014-01-01 — 2014-12-31

Manager / Sushi Chef

I was a manager, sushi chef, server, and web guy at a sushi restaurant in California USA. I'm highly skilled in rolling California rolls

PILOT Inc. 2012-04-01 — 2013-08-13

Software Engineer

Frontend JavaScript, Android app using Java/Clojure, iOS app using Titanium Mobile/Obj-C, Server side PHP/Ruby/Clojure, MySQL, CouchDB

Sierra College (California USA) 2013-08-27 — 2014-12-01

Computer Science


  • CSCI46 - System Programming with C
  • AAD85Web - Web Design

Coursera 2013-01-13 — 2013-06-04

Computer Science


  • Programming Languages by Dan Grossman at University of Washington

Lynfield College (Auckland New Zealand) 2009-04-01 — 2012-12-01

general education


  • Graphics (Archtectures, CAD)
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Painting
  • Geography
  • Science Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Math statistics
  • English
  • Classical Studies

Karaoke Torii 2017

Published by CODAworx

As part of Kamiyama Artist in Residence Program, I and a pair of artists from Germany and Netherlands have made an objet made of hundreds of waste loudspeakers


  • 3D printer hack
  • Analog circuit design
  • Digital circuit design


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • ClojureScript


  • Node
  • Clojure
  • MySQL
  • CouchDB

Functional Programming

  • Scheme
  • Standard ML
  • Clojure
  • Type System implementation
  • CLOS
native speaker
fluent. TOEIC 940, TOEFL iBT 93

Programming Language Development

  • Static Type System
  • Lisp
  • CLOS
  • Runtime Development

CompSci * AstroPhysics

  • SpaceTime Geometry
  • Extended-IoT
  • Special Relativity
  • Information