Minori Yamashita 1993-

An objet made out of hundreds of waste speakers. See the link below for details.

Jan 2017 Karaoke Torii w/ Die Audio Gruppe

Quick and easy voice memo device. Email me if you want to purchase one.

Sticky Watch

I hacked my 3D printer into an pick-n-place machine to make producing sticky-watches efficient. An open source software I developed converts Eagle partlist file into GCode: GitHub/ympbyc/3DPnP

DIY Pick and Place Machine

Let's live primitive with technology. The solar hut set can power a light, fan, and computers

Solar Hut Project
A planet with no boundary between technology and nature



Resumé in English
Resumé in Japanese 日本語履歴書
Business Card




  • Fluent in Japanese & English
  • Analog & Digital circuit design
  • Lisp: (Clojure & Scheme)
  • JavaScript, SML, PHP, + many more
  • Toss juggling

Things I love

  • Making/Art
  • Forest Making
  • Electronics Experiments
  • Spacetime Geometry
  • IoT as a Computational Resource
  • Autogyro
  • Psychedelics
Flip the universe inside out leaving behind everything I knew.

Software Projects

CarrotPurely Functional Lisp w/ static multimethod
Typed ClojureOptional typing in Clojure. I worked on the clojurescript checker
LittleSmallscriptWrite JavaScript in Smalltalk's Syntax
BirdFrontend IDE for kakahiaka
kakahiakaClient side functional GUI programming
Underscore-fixUnderscore.js extensions for serious functional programming
JS-CLOSMultimethod in JavaScript