Minori Yamashita 1993-
Digital Fusuma Karakuri

Digital Fusuma Karakuri

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Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

I brought some sticky-watches and the 3D-PnP to show off to the makers in Japan. I had a lot of fun with people sharing enthusiasm.

An objet made out of hundreds of waste speakers. See the link below for details.

Jan 2017 Karaoke Torii w/ Die Audio Gruppe

Karaoke Torii

In january 2017, Benoit Maubrey, Gerrit de Vries, and I produced this monsterous sculpture or objet. The objet has a bluetooth port open everyday which anybody can connect with his/her phone to play their favorite music.

Karaoke Torii - CODAworx

Quick and easy voice memo device. Email me if you want to purchase one.

Sticky Watch

Sticky Watch

An electronic replacement for sticky-notes. Records up to 5 short voice messages. I designed and made the board, case, and cover so it's 99% DIY

I hacked my 3D printer into an pick-n-place machine to make producing sticky-watches efficient. An open source software I developed converts Eagle partlist file into GCode: GitHub/ympbyc/3DPnP

DIY Pick and Place Machine
Kamiyama Electronics Club

Kamiyama Electronic Kids

Every Thursday afterschool, we gather and play with electronics and computers. Check out the website to see some of the projects we did.

A planet with no boundary between technology and nature



Resumé in English
Resumé in Japanese 日本語履歴書
Business Card




  • Fluent in Japanese & English
  • Analog & Digital circuit design
  • Lisp: (Clojure & Scheme)
  • JavaScript, SML, PHP, + many more
  • Toss juggling

Things I love

  • Making/Art
  • Forest Making
  • Electronics Experiments
  • Spacetime Geometry
  • IoT as a Computational Resource
  • Autogyro
  • Psychedelics
Flip the universe inside out leaving behind everything I knew.

Software Projects

CarrotPurely Functional Lisp w/ static multimethod
Typed ClojureOptional typing in Clojure. I worked on the clojurescript checker
LittleSmallscriptWrite JavaScript in Smalltalk's Syntax
BirdFrontend IDE for kakahiaka
kakahiakaClient side functional GUI programming
Underscore-fixUnderscore.js extensions for serious functional programming
JS-CLOSMultimethod in JavaScript

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Stop stopping and reflecting. Live vigorously uninhibited.